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International Journal of Innovative Computer Engineering and Technology (IJICET)

International Journal of Innovative Electrical, Electronics & Communication Technology (IJIEECT)

International Journal of Innovative Bio Engineering (IJIBE)

are for open access to all interested readers of research community. The open access effectively removes the barriers for timely distribution of the research papers/articles and ensures that they can be read by as many as possible. As costs are involved at every stage of publication process, the author is asked to pay the fee for publication.

  • A publication fee of Rs.750/- ($30) for Single author and Rs.1000/- ($40) for two to three authors and Rs 1250/- ($50) for four to five authors is payable for manuscript ACCEPTED for publication.
  • The publication fee must be paid prior to publication.
  • The article accepted for publication will processed further towards publication after the author pays the publication fees.

NOTE: The procedure for payment will be informed via email only after acceptance of paper. Fee once paid by the author will not be refunded back.